Monday, July 11, 2011

Vibrational Flower Remedies

Flower and Vibrational Essences
This is the name applied to many water-based healing remedies which contain the bottled vibrational qualities of the mineral, plant, or other energy named. Through history Mayans shamans are known to make healing floral waters to bless and heal the soul.The Egyptians worked with floral remedies and essences have been used through time. Essences are different from tinctures in that tinctures contain the infused substance rendered in alcohol and water, while essences may not contain the plant itself, but its vibrational qualities given thru a process of plant communion and working with the spirit of the plant or flower.

Essences are made with love and communion, and may be helpful in addressing a variety of emotional, spiritual, psychic, and even physical disorders that results in imbalance. Essences identify the imbalance and in their structuring of water, re-impart the balance the body needs to adjust back into healthy balance.
Flower essences are the highest intentions of the plants for humanity and other living creatures. They were first "discovered" by Dr. Edward Bach in England, in the mid-1900's. Dr. Bach was a medical doctor and a sensitive, someone who was sensitized to his surroundings and the condition of others. He first explored flower essences, which included trees and other non-flowering plants through feeling their energy. He then created infusions of the plants in full sunlight. An infusion entails picking the blossoms, floating them in a glass bowl of distilled water, then draining and straining the water. Often this is fixed with up to 50% alcohol such as unflavored brandy, so that nothing additional grows in it over time destroying its purity. There is Vibrational Remedies that work with the enviroment and other beings to create vibrational remedies such as gem and crystal essences and tree essences and animal. I have worked with angel and chakra essences. I have found it powerful to work with Aromatherapy and Flower Essences and in combo with sound healing.There has been powerful shifts in soul healing using the three in combo.