Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spirit Aromatherapy~ scent for the Soul

Bring sacredness into your life by allowing and receiving a spiritual connection with yourself and the divine. With the healing art of Aromatherapy and the Ancient Art of oil anointing in ceremonial space that is spirit focused and based to transform your life.

The ancient ceremonial art of using consecrated oils to make holy,sacred and divine. We will anoint your holy being to bring the spiritual energies into your life and make sacred. This ancient art has been practiced by priestesses and holy ones in the ancient temples of Egypt. Bring in divine realization and spirit focused initiation to yourself by allowing the sacredness and the spirit energy to infuse your being. The use of the oils bring healing, balance and releasing energy to restore and create health in all levels of your spirit bodies.

Aromatherapy and the Harmony of spiritual energies to bring healing and the grace of spirit to bless and heal the emotions and all areas of the life. Allow the light of spirit to filter into all areas of the life to bring change and healing. The oils are a gift from the source energy and the plant world. A gift from mother earth and the great spirit. We honor the spirit of the plant and the spirit of the oil to bring healing and setting intention to the oil to foster healing and reverence for you and your life. Create a deeper inner knowing and connection to empowerment as you are witnessed by spirit in ceremonial space. Redesign your life by making yourself holy and your life holy. Live a soul directed life connected to spirit and your heart. Take the first steps to create change. Also work with sacred dying and done in honored, ceremonial space of love and light.

~Sessions are done in sacred space and blessed with the light of spirit. ~Sessions are an hour long and are a channeled session of spirit.

**Services are $107.00 for the hour and will incorporate sound and crystal energy to promote further healing and raising of frequency and vibration.

Please call me to set up your special session of renewal, restoring and rejuvenating. Nurture and nourish your beautiful spirit with the grace of spirit. 720-297-5840, 303-466-8738

**I take cash, Credit Card paid through PayPal. I require 48 hour cancellation and payment must be paid before the session if paying with Paypal 24 hours before your appointment time.

Payments to Paypal are made through e-mail and please send payment to

My office is in the Metro Denver area. I can travel to your location if unable to come to the office. I will add a $40 travel and accommodation fee.